Election Results

Thanks everyone for coming down to place your vote. We are pleased to announce the election results for NTUSS 2nd Management Committee!

Kao Peixin Jamie: 41.9% (Elected)
Nguyen Thi Gia Hoang: 32.3% (Elected)
Jamie Chen Siya: 22.6%

Hon. Gen. Secretary:
Nui Zhao Qi Priscilla: 68.1% (Elected)

Imran Abdeali: 65.3% (Elected)

Head Project Coordinator:
Gillian Seetoh: 61.1% (Elected)

Liaison Officer:
Mohamed Rushdy Hakam: 65.3% (Elected)

Publicity Manager:
Nur Amin Shah: 70.8% (Elected)

Welfare Secretary:
Chin Wan Yee Christine: 59.7% (Elected)

** Votes counted by election committee members, witnessed by:
Tan Thye Ren (074751H12)
Pang Kent Kent (074306J12)

Completed at 6.02pm.

Nominees for 2nd Main Management Committee

Introducing, the nominees for the 2nd Main Management Committee (09/10).....

Position: Co-President (2 vacancies, 3 nominees)

Kao Peixin Jamie (Sociology, Year 3)
Portfolio: Co-President

Past ECA Record:
NTUSS Liaison Officer (1st Main Management Committee)
CT Rep in HCJC for 2 years

Reasons to run for portfolio:
Having being a liaison officer, I know how the committee works and I know that I can handle the responsibilities of a Co-Pres. I have forged contacts with the faculty and been given chances to host events as well. This enables me to effectively represent the society in the capacity as a Co-Pres if I get elected.

Why you should vote for me:
I have the relevant experience being in NTUSS management committee in year two. I am confident in my abilities to lead the society in the following year. Also, I have given up my chances to go for exchange so that I can make my time to be fully involved in the timing of the society. Most important, I have this sustained passion in me that spurs me to get involved in NTUSS.

Nguyen Thi Gia Hoang (Sociology, Year 3)
Portfolio: Co-President

Past ECA Records:
Member of NTU Sociological Society (2007 to date)
Member of NTU Psychological Society (2008 to date)
Member of NTU BP Mentoring Program (2007 - 2008)
Liaison Director of NTU BP Mentoring Program (2008 - 2009)

Reasons to run for portfolio:
To me, university life is about discovering who you are, what you want to do and what you can do. I just want to make something personal out of Sociology and I think this is one way to do it. :)
... Sometimes we feel 'alienated' from our own major, Sociology and we don't know what to do about it. Can we make it more relevant to our own lives? And, is it possible to 'taste' Sociology in different ways? I believe we can and let's do it together.

Why you should vote for me:
I would like to get to know more about all of you who are members of our Sociology society. I thnk I can offer something to our society, through what I know, what I don't know yet very eager to know about and also through what all of you might let me know... Besdie that, I am friendly and committed too.

In the mean time, enjoy Sociology! ^_*

Jamie Chen Siya (Sociology, Year 4)
Portfolio: Co-President

Past ECA Record:
Since December 2005, I have been a member a Singaporean civil society group the Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE). In 2008, I served as the Assistant Honorary Secretary in the Executive Committee. In the past year, I have been a volunteer writer for one of AWARE’s ongoing research projects – the CEDAW shadow report. I also did internships, which were largely research-oriented, at the Ministry of Manpower (May to July 09) and Institute of South Asian Studies, NUS (May 08 to August 08). Between 2004 to January 2008, I was a freelance writer for the Singaporean local free sheet TODAY. In NTU, I am a HSS Student Ambassador, where I try my best to convince potentials that Sociology at NTU is the right choice.

Reasons to run for portfolio & Why you should vote for me:
In the last three years, I have matured into a Sociology student with a fairly good grasp of what it means to be empathetic, intellectually curious and critical. I believe that NTUSS will be able to further engage others within NTU to become more interested in issues such as civil society, advocacy, and to provoke a heightened sense of awareness of how these issues are being played out in the environment. As Co-President, I will commit to seeing NTUSS creating opportunities for students and other members of NTU to engage in diverse discussions, while ensuring that the society remains a place where Soci students of all cohorts will feel welcome to bond with one another.

Like most of you, I am one of the pioneering students of the Sociology division at HSS. I chose to come to NTU over other institutions because I believed that a new school would possess the energy and buzz which I felt more established schools would probably lack. I have not looked back since on my decision. By serving as Co-President, I will contribute to – what I believe is- the right spirit of working together with fellow students to raise the profile of Sociology as a discipline in NTU and in Singapore.

Finally, spending the last year of my undergraduate studies immersing myself in this environment will be an experience which I know I will treasure very much and will miss greatly when I leave.

Position: Honorary General Secretary (1 vacancy, 1 nominee)

Nui Zhao Qi Priscilla (Sociology, Year 1)
Portfolio: Honorary General Secretary

Past ECA:
Netball 'A' Division Treasurer
Netball 'C', 'B' Division member
Class Vice-Chairman in JC
Class Chairman in Secondary School

Reasons to run for portfolio:
I want and like to be part of the team and also being part of the committee to prganize events that have resounding success, havng to feel achieved.

Why you should vote for me:
I am responsible.
It is an interest of mine to study & practise Sociology
I will not back out from challanges.

Position: Treasurer (1 vacancy, 1 nominee)

Adam Imran Abdeali (Sociology, year 2)
Portfolio: Treasurer

Past ECA:
On-going Service Director of Raffles Institution Interact Club
Vice-President of Tampines Junior College Guitar Ensemble

Reasons to run for portfolio:
I hope to be able to work effectively with my fellow committee members in the running of NTU Sociological Society. By doing so I wish to raise the level of sociological awareness of not only the NTU community but also the general public.

Why you should vote for me:
As the NTUSS treasurer, I will ensure that the club funds are responsibly managed. In addition to my primary duty, I believe I can provide good ideas and suggestions for future projects the club decides to embark upon.

Position: Business Manager (1 vacancy, 0 nominee)


Position: Liaison Officer (1 vacancy, 1 nominee)

Mohamed Rushdy Hakam Bin Mohamed Yunos (Sociology/ Year 3 )
Portfolio: Liaison Officer

Past ECA Records
Technical Director - Epiphany Productions 2008-2009.

Reasons to run for Portfolio
For the experience and the opportunity to assist the society.

Why you should vote for me
I'm a team player, I work hard and I commit my effors to accomplish tasks. Plus I love my major. Why not me?

Position: Welfare Secretary (1 vacancy, 1 nominee)

Chin Wan Yee Christine (Sociology, Year 3)
Portfolio: Welfare Secretary

Past ECA:
NE Ambassador
Inter-school Badminton championship 'C' Girlss 4th
Inter-school Badminton championship 'B' Girls 1st, 2nd, 3rd
HSS Student Ambassador

Reasons to run for portfolio:
To gain experience in management and event planning as a stepping stone for me to venture into event planning industry upon graduation. Putting my interest into serving NTUSS and hopefully to develop it into a bigger club with my positive contributions.

Why you should vote for me:
With my interest in event-planning and socialable personality, I am confident to be able to live up to the expectation of this post and perform to the best of my ability to serve NTUSS and fellow members.

Position: Head Projects Coordinator (1 vacancy, 1 nominee)

Gillian Seetoh (Sociology, Year 1)
Portfolio: Head Projects Coordinator

Past ECA:
New media co-ordinator for U60 Singapore.
Head of community Engagement for SIngapore Syinconnect '08
Head of Human Resource for Kreata Ayer Projext 2008
Secretariat for Food for All Singapore (NGO)

Reasons to run for position:
I like what the portfolio encompasses.
I believe I can actively contribute for the position as I have experience in it.
I enjoy the challanges and experience gained from organizing projects. I enjoy collaborating and learning from others.

Why you should vote for me:
I believe I have what it takes to actively contribute to the society based on my experience.
I will be committed to the society.

Position: Publicity Manager (1 vacancy, 1 nominee)

Nur Amin Shah (Sociology, Year 2)
Portfolio: Publicity Manager

Past ECA:
Chairman - NP Photography club (2 terms)
Assistant Publicity Director - NTUSS

Reasons to run for portfolio:
To increase club's potential and to establish sponsorship links for the well-being of the club. To work as a team and increase the popularity of the club; in turn increasing awareness of the social issues around us. To continously keep in touch with Sociology majors and try to diversify towards memebrs of the public in general as well. Overall, aid each committee member to effectively get the job done.

Why you should vote for me:
I will use a multi-pronged approach in publicity to reach the masses using various online social networking tools, using my knowledge of Photoshop, dreamweaver, and indesign to create more vivid and creative publicity materials to promote the club's events. And I'm always a team player with the primary principle that coordinates my trajectory: "all for one, and one for all".

The outgoing committee and the elctions committee, would like to thank all the nominees for their interest in being part of the upcoming management. Best wishes to all.

Nominations for vacant positions

Hi all.

Since the position of Business Manager and Liaison are currently without any nominees, we will open another round of nomination specifically for these two positions only.

Nomination is on Tuesday, 25th Aug. Do send in your nomination form to us at the old HSS lounge S3.1-B3 from 0900hrs to 1600hrs. Rally will be held at LT11 on the same day at 1800hrs. So for those applying as Business Manager or Liaison Officer, please be prepared to give your rally speech in the evening.

If you are interested in serving the club, do come down with 2 NTUSS members (one as proposer, the other as seconder) and get yourself in the running!

Thank you!

Rally/Voting Dates

Hi all! The nominees will be giving a speech during the rally. So please come down to the rally and get to know more about them. hear their visions, aspirations and how they can make your student life a tad more exciting both intellectually and socially. This will inturn help you make an informed decision during voting day.

Rally: 25th August (Tues), 6pm

Voting day: 27th August (Thursday), 9am -4pm
HSS Lounge / HSS Lib (To be confirmed)
Hope to see you there and Thank you!

Elections Committee

2nd Election Committee members:

Trang – haph0001@ntu.edu.sg (Chairperson)
Jonathan -
LEEK0050@ntu.edu.sg (Officer)
Jason –
bohg0001@ntu.edu.sg (Officer)
WeiQi -
LEEW0052@ntu.edu.sg (Officer)
Abdul -
H060074@ntu.edu.sg (Officer)
Jalobi -
JA0001UZ@ntu.edu.sg (Officer)

Feel free to contact us to enquire about any election matters. Thank you.